Ways to Help

Thanks for your interest in helping.  We can certainly use it!  Of course, help comes in many forms, so here are some options to consider:


Through our partnership with the Food Bank of the Rockies, we can purchase food more cheaply than the average grocery shopper.  Thinking of giving to the Food Bank?  We can make your dollar go further.

Right now, we are in special need of monthly donations.  Even small amounts, contributed every month, will bring stability to our financial planning.  To donate, click here.


Over 35 volunteers work at the Food Bank.  These individuals are diverse in terms of race, age, occupation, and gender, and some are even clients.  They range in age from 8 to 91 years old.  All share the same goal:  to help others in need.  The Food Bank could not operate without our loyal legion of volunteers.

Food Bank volunteers on average provide 125 hours of service per week or 6,000 hours per year.  The hours are equivalent to approximately three full-time positions.  Now that is community engagement!


Perhaps your resources match one of our more particular needs.  We have two small grants to pay for a generator that would power our freezers and refrigerators and prevent food spoilage.  But the entire project exceeds the amount of our grants.  If you can help out with a back-up generator or a second walk-in freezer, please let us know?  Or perhaps you could make a donation to cover the costs.

Special thanks to all who helped with our recent needs.  Through the generosity of Sweetwater Aire and Reinigs Wild Game Processing, we went from this:

to this: